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Why Choose Leavitt & Meunier Law

Why Choose Us?

Don't Be Fooled!

If an ad uses the word "Advocate" then they are NOT a lawyer. You deserve a licensed and experienced lawyer to represent you. At Leavitt & Meunier Law, we don’t cost any more than an untrained, inexperienced advocate.

Advocates are not Lawyers

Advocates like Gary Sells and Citizen's Disability are not lawyers. Advocates have not been to law school and are not licensed to practice law, but Social Security allows them to represent you and get paid like a lawyer.

Quality Representation

You deserve quality, hands-on local representation from your attorney. We are local lawyers! We provide the best personal representation from the beginning to end at your Social Security hearing.

Advocates Do Not Go to Hearings

Most internet ads are for non-local businesses that collect Social Security cases like numbers. They will not and do not intend to travel to Louisiana or Mississippi for your hearing. They will pawn your case off to someone in the local area after the hearing is set then split the fees with that representative. You may not even meet them until the day of your hearing.

Read About Us Online

Need another reason to choose Leavitt &Meunier Law? Be sure to take some time to read about us online! Check out some of our reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google Reviews! 

Benefit from Experience

If you’re looking for superior disability representation, give our qualified professionals a call to discuss your case options. Give us the chance to provide you with a compassionate and experienced solution to your disability case today.

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