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About Social Security Benefits

For thousands of Americans, social security has become an integral part of maintaining a financially stable existence from month to month. However, it’s not always easy to obtain this financial support, even for those who clearly need it the most. This is especially true in recent years, as the denial rate for new SSI applications continues to rise. At the Leavitt & Meunier Law, we specialize in helping residents throughout Louisiana to pursue social security benefits. From compiling information and establishing your need for financial assistance to standing beside you in your court hearings, our team of experienced SSI lawyers is here to ensure you’re getting the best chance of acceptance possible.

What is Social Security?

Known as a “means-tested program,” Supplemental Security Income is a program which is funded by the Social Security trust fund. This program offers assistance based on your financial need and eligibility status.

How Do I Get It?

To secure Social Security benefits, one must attend a court hearing that will determine your eligibility for assistance. Unfortunately, Social Security denials are increasing, and as high as four to seven out of every 10 hearings result in a denial.

What Can I Do?

It is crucial to provide the greatest evidence for your case, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Our experienced lawyers are proficient in gathering, deciphering and relating the essential information about your case to get you the results you need.

How Does Working With an Attorney Help?

The process of applying for Supplemental Security Income can be complex and overwhelming for the average person. Thousands upon thousands of applications are denied each year purely on the grounds of missing information or forms that have been incorrectly filled out. When you choose to work with an SSI attorney, you’re making an investment in in-depth knowledge of the process and a helping hand with filling out the details to ensure your document isn’t rejected due to technical issues. This allows your application to move on to other parties responsible for determining qualifications, and then eventually on to those you’ll be meeting in court.


Finally, we know how daunting it can be to stand before a judge and argue your case on your own. That’s precisely why we’re dedicated to standing beside you in court. We ensure that your voice is heard throughout each and every hearing to ensure you’re able to get your point across. Your success is our priority, and we get you there by supporting you throughout the entire process.


What if My Application Has Already Been Denied?

If you’ve already attempted to navigate the application process yourself and have been met with a denial, don’t worry. You have the right to appeal the decision, and we have a supplemental security income attorney here to support you and help you get the results you want and need from your second attempt. We’ll help you revise your paperwork as needed and gather resources from professionals to ensure you’re getting the information you need to increase your chances of acceptance.

Why Should I Work With a Local Attorney?

There are many websites out there offering out-of-state, long-distance services to those applying for SSI insurance. However, the truth is that working with a local attorney is always a better option. When you work with our local attorneys, you can rest easy knowing they have intimate knowledge of your local court system. Furthermore, they can stand beside you in court, while an advocate or long-distance attorney simply can’t accomplish that level of support.

Why Should I Choose Melanie Leavitt?

When you choose to work with the lawyers at the Leavitt & Meunier Law, you’re choosing to work with the best in SSI representation that LA has to offer. Not only do our attorneys have decades of combined experience, but their operations are also completely hands-on. You will meet your lawyer in person, which allows for better, smoother, and more direct communication throughout the process. Furthermore, we’re attorneys, not advocates. That means when you pay for attorney services, you’ll be getting full support from licensed professionals, not simple advocates. Unlike advocates and long-distance lawyers, we actually show up for you, both during the preparation process and in court.


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If you’re getting ready to file for SSI benefits or you’re in need of an appeal, contact us at the Leavitt & Meunier Law. Our familiarity with social security offices, hearings offices, local claims representatives, local disability examiners, and even local judges throughout the southern LA and MI areas gives us the ability to offer your application a boost that enhances your chances of getting the financial support you need in these tough times.

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